The open source NLP tool voice2json recently caught my eye on Hacker News:

voice2json is a collection of command-line tools for offline speech/intent recognition on Linux. It is free, open source (MIT), and supports 17 human languages.

It got me thinking, how hard would it be use this tool to execute terminal commands with just your voice, it turns out… not very!


See docs for full details of voice2json installation instructions.

On my first attempt I used the Docker image however I did encounter this issue with audio input being picked up by Docker, so for a smoother on-boarding process…

Scan to Listen is the first personal project I have taken from conception all the way to production, it originally started out as an app for scanning the barcode of a physical book to find if there is a matching audiobook on Audible. Since then new features have evolved such as the ability to scan the barcode of CDs and vinyl to find the matching album on Spotify and generating barcodes to share your finds with other people that use the app. At the time of writing it has over 150 active downloads on the Android Play Store.

Here is…

This document provides an introduction and reference guide for developing with the containerisation tool Docker and is by no means exhaustive. If you wish to further your knowledge on the capabilities of Docker please see the Resources section.


Docker is a tool for running applications in an isolated environment, known as a Docker container, this gives many advantages such as reducing machine specific setup problems and being able to quickly spin up an application for development without going through the pain of following a (potentially outdated) README file.

Virtual machines can achieve environment isolation however Docker containers are much less…

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